Ukashi Bran

Bokashi Compost Activator & Soil Amender
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Elevate Your Compost & Cultivate Thriving, Nutrient-Rich Soil 

The Ukari Bokashi Bran a.k.a. ‘Ukashi’ is a powerful compost activator, soil amender and food-waste decomposer. Ukashi provides a natural and organic way to create thriving, abundant living-soil and happy, well-nourished plants.


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Ingredients: Wheat Bran, Molasses Syrup, Distilled Water, Effective Microorganisms and Volcanic Rock Dust.


Our unique Ukashi blend is perfect for a wide variety of uses:

  1. Excellent food waste decomposer
  2. Compost activator
  3. Potent Soil amender

A. Break down food waste

  • Sprinkle Ukashi evenly over the surface of your food-waste bin (approximately 1 tablespoon for every inch of food waste)
  • Gently mix to ensure an optimal ratio of Ukashi to food-waste
  • Rather be too generous. If your compost mix has a foul smell, blue or green mold, attracting your pets or doesn’t seem to be breaking down the food pieces, add a healthier dose of Ukashi the next time.

B. Compost activator

  • Add 1 handful of Ukashi to the middle or bottom of your compost pile (monthly application)
  • Cover with the surrounding compost to ensure the microbes are not exposed to air
  • Don’t turn your compost for at least 4-5 days after adding the Ukashi to give the multiplying microbes time to re-activate the soil
  • Then turn your compost until evenly combined

C. Soil amender:

  • Add 1/2 to 1 full cup of Ukashi to one cubic foot of soil (monthly application)
  • Mix and use as normal!
  • Keep tightly sealed or in an airtight container
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Use within 1 year
  • Do not ingest
  • Do not expose to air or direct sunlight
  • Microbial Magic Composting: Turbocharge your Bokashi composting with Ukashi, accelerating the breakdown of food waste for quicker compost production.
  • Vibrant Soil Life: Ukashi attracts and fosters beneficial microorganisms, bringing vitality to your soil ecosystem.
  • Enhanced Soil Harmony: Improve soil structure, water retention, and pH balance, creating an optimal environment for plant growth.
  • Nourishing Nutrients: Ukashi provides plants with readily available nutrients, promoting robust and healthy growth.
  • Eco-Friendly Commitment: Ukashi paper pouches are recyclable and landfill-friendly, reflecting our dedication to sustainable practices.
  • Sustainability: Ukashi creates sustainable, living soil without the need for constant synthetic fertilisers


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  1. Zarko Zivkovic

    Great Product!

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How it works

Healthy soil begins with microbes, the invisible bacteria, yeast and fungi that areintegral components in the soil web. Not only do microbes attract all the beneficial life that makes active, happy and thriving soil but they are actually responsible for feeding our plants too. These incredible microbes, living around the root zone of our plants, actually digest the nutrients and minerals from the soil for the plant to use as food.


Bokashi composting is a system where our valuable food waste is fermented and used to generate more and more of these beneficial microbes which are lying dormant in the bokashi bran. Once added to the food waste, these microbes become active and start multiplying and once added to your soil, they immediately benefit the soil web and all the plants within it.

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