Household Garden Essentials

Organic Fertiliser, Herbal Plant Tonic & Foliar Spray - SAVE 20%!
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Nurture, Protect, Thrive.

Elevate your household gardening experience with Ukari’s Household Plant Pack, a trio of powerful solutions designed to work together, seamlessly providing you with everything you need in one convenient package. From nurturing the soil to promoting robust plant growth and fending off pests, this bundle delivers supreme value for every indoor gardening enthusiast. 



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  • Begin with the foundation. Eco-Boost optimises your soil, creating the perfect environment for plant growth.
  • Rejuvenate & Strengthen: OHN Foliar spray provides a super herbal foliar feeding boost 
  • Vibrant & Healthy Plants: Create clean and vibrant-looking plants with an organic Eco-Neem Foliar spray.
  • Pest Resistance: With enriched soil, increased resilience and vitality, your plants become less susceptible to pests, creating a natural defence.
  • Natural & Safe: Protect your household and the environment with a natural, organic, and biodegradable solution.


1x Eco-Boost 0.5kg
1x OHN Foliar Spray 1L – Ready To Use
1x Eco-Neem Foliar Spray 1L – Ready To Use
  • Ukari Eco-Boost
    • Soil Amendment & Plant Accelerator: Sprinkle handfuls evenly over the soil surface and water thoroughly. Apply once a month for best results. 
  • Ukari OHN Foliar Spray
    • Plant Rejuvenation, Recovery & Insect Repellent: Shake well, apply weekly in cool temperatures, hold spray approximately 30-50cm from leaf surface, and ensure leaves are well coated. 
  • Ukari Eco-Neem Foliar Spray
    • Plant Wash & Insect Repellent: Shake well, apply weekly in cool temperatures, hold spray 30-50 cm from leaf surface, and ensure leaves are well coated. 

For specific product information & directions, please check out the product pages below:

Seal paper pouches and trigger sprays when not in use to preserve their organic essence. Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, maintaining the effectiveness of your gardening essentials.

Harness the power of Ukari products within 1 year.  

Adhere to suggested dosages for the best results. Steer clear of ingestion or inhalation and ensure a safe gardening experience.


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