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Elevate your gardening experience with the 100% natural, all-in-one, Ukari Gardening Starter Pack – a meticulously curated ensemble of our premium organic solutions designed to synergize and unleash the full potential of your garden. Crafted with care and backed by the wisdom of nature, each product in this bundle plays a vital role in creating a vibrant, thriving ecosystem. 



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  • Comprehensive Care: Each product in this bundle offers a unique set of benefits, creating a comprehensive and holistic solution for your garden’s diverse needs.
  • Perfect Harmony: Witness the harmonious dance of nature as Ukashi’s microbial magic turbocharges your Bokashi composting, Eco-Boost optimises soil health, Organi-Bloom enriches your plants, and Eco-Neem safeguards against pests. Together, they create a garden symphony like no other.
  • Sustainable Solution: Choose sustainability with our eco-friendly commitment. From recyclable packaging to organic formulations, every product in this bundle reflects our dedication to sustainable and responsible gardening practices.


1x Eco-Boost 0.5kg
1x Ukashi Bran 0.5kg
1x OHN Foliar Spray 1L – Ready To Use
1x Organi-Bloom 0.5L – Concentrate
1x Eco-Neem Foliar Spray 1L – Ready To Use
1x Eco-Neem Moderate Pest Spray 1L – Ready To Use

  1. Ukashi Bran – Compost Activator & Soil Amender:
  • Sprinkle over food waste for efficient and odourless breakdown in Bokashi composting.
  • Boost compost piles with a handful of Ukashi for accelerated microbial activity.
  • Foster healthier soil by mixing 1/2 – 1 cup per cubic foot, promoting a nutrient-rich environment.
  1. Eco-Boost – Soil Amendment & Plant Booster:
  • Sprinkle 100-200g per square metre for a nutrient-rich garden.
  • Ideal for revitalising compost, amending soil, and optimising plant health.
  • A monthly application ensures your garden receives the nourishment it deserves.
  1. OHN Foliar Spray – Herbal Fertiliser:
  • Weekly application ensures robust growth and resilience.
  • Shake well and spray in the late afternoon or early morning for optimal results.
  • Encourages beneficial microorganisms, discourages pathogens, and promotes overall plant health.

  1. Organi-Bloom – Fruit Concentrate Fertiliser:
  • Tailored for flowering plants, ornamentals, and a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • Shake well and apply as per the dosage guide during pre-bloom and bloom phases.
  • Choose between soil drench or nutrient-rich compost tea applications.
  1. Eco-Neem Foliar Spray – Natural Plant Wash:
  • Maintain clean and healthy-looking plants with a weekly foliar spray.
  • Shake well, apply in cool temperatures, and ensure thorough coverage on leaf surfaces.
  • Ideal for ornamentals, indoor plants, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and nut trees.
  1. Eco-Neem Moderate Spray – Organic Insecticide:
  • Effective for moderate pest issues, targeting over 200 pest species.
  • Shake well and apply every 5-7 days until pests are eliminated.
  • Transition to Eco-Neem Foliar for ongoing plant health and protection after pest control.


In each box, you’ll find a carefully crafted solution, ready to unlock the hidden potential of your garden. Choose the Ukari Gardening Starter Pack for a garden that thrives, flourishes, and becomes a testament to the magic of nature.

For specific product information & directions, please check out the product pages below:

Store the Gardening Starter Pack in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep each product tightly sealed or stored in an airtight container to safeguard against air exposure. This preserves the efficacy of the living microorganisms and natural ingredients within each formulation.

Use the products within one year of purchase as this guarantees that each element in the bundle delivers maximum benefits.

Do no exceed the recommended dosage
Do not ingest or inhale


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