Pest Warrior Bundle

Nature's Shield for Your Garden - a Complete Defense Against All Pests - SAVE 20%!
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An all-encompassing kit including four potent solutions, each designed to combat pests at different levels. From the gentle Foliar Spray to the mighty Severe Pest Spray, harness the power of Jadam Wetting Agent and Cold-Pressed Neem Oil for an eco-friendly, effective pest management strategy. 



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Ingredients: Jadam Wetting Agent, 100% Cold Pressed Neem Oil, Castille Soap and Distilled Water

  • Complete Pest Management: Address mild to severe pest challenges with the full range of Eco-Neem sprays.
  • Eco-Friendly Excellence: Harness the power of nature with 100% organic, biodegradable ingredients.
  • Convenient Plant Care: Have all your pest-fighting solutions in one kit for easy, effective gardening.


1x Eco-Neem Foliar Spray 1L – Ready To Use
1x Eco-Neem Mild Pest Spray 1L – Ready To Use
1x Eco-Neem Moderate Pest Spray 1L – Ready To Use
1x Eco-Neem Severe Pest Spray 1L – Ready To Use
The Ukari Eco-Neem pest management spray is all-natural and can be used on all plants including: ornamentals, fruit, vegetables and any other produce. It can also be used in situations with varying pest pressure:
  • Eco-Neem Foliar: Weekly application for preventive care and plant wash.
  • Eco-Neem Mild Spray: For mild pest pressure (1-5 pests per leaf), apply every 10-14 days until pest pressure reduces (no pests are present), then resume regular foliar spray regimen.
  • Eco-Neem Moderate Spray: For moderate pest pressure (10-50 pests per leaf), apply every 5-7 days until pest pressure reduces (no pests are present), then resume foliar spray regimen.
  • Eco-Neem Severe Spray: For severe pest pressure, apply every 2-3 days until pest pressure reduces. Once reduced to a moderate or mild level, start using the appropriate sprays per pest pressure intensity.

Shake well before use to activate the powerful formula. Apply in cooler temperatures, holding the spray 30-50 cm from the leaf surface. Ensure thorough coverage by spraying both the underside and top of the leaves.

This simple yet effective application method guarantees optimal results in managing pests at various intensity levels, keeping your plants healthy and thriving.

Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Keep the trigger sprays closed when not in use, preserving the integrity of the solutions. 

Use within 1 year for optimal results.

Adhere to recommended dosages and application guidelines and do not ingest or inhale. 


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